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J.A. Michell Gyrodec IV

by Danny McCarty

The first thing to notice about the Gyrodec is the industrial design and quality of the construction. This is a machine worthy of the Smithsonian. I had my TT set up by the dealer, (Eric) @ Tailored
Technology, who did a wonderful job. He went so far as to drop the unit off (70 miles one way) and do the final setup. The arm is the Rega 300 and the cartridge is the Micro Benz Glider. The TT is all black except for the weights under the platter and the cartridge which are gold.
With the first needle drop I knew I hadn't make a mistake. I should say at this point I went about purchasing this combo with the help of the Asylum. My album collection is basically a complete rebuild so the discs for the most part are in perfect condition and I went with the Nitty Gritty for
Now, as for the sound, Unlike most people in the Asylum I haven’t spent much time with vinyl so this is a new journey for me. What I am hearing now is smooth and clear. The one thing I have noticed right away was the detail and smoothness of the very high end. Cymbals are the test and this combo rises to the task. I was listening to “Suzie Q” by CCR and the cymbals and stereo separation were outstanding. The bells and triangles used on Peter Gabriels So are also stunning. It is the high end that creates the space and staging so needless to say the spatial quality is first rate. I am pulled into the performances! Roxy Music’s “Avalon” was a real treat! Nice bottom. I
have a REL Q100e sub so I can hear any sub tones produced. I put on Crystal Method to see how the Glider would handle bass and it sounded full and round without being flabby and lose. I put on the sound track from 2001 and the organ peddles in Strauss’s “Also Sprach Zarathustra”
felt like a nice body massage. The choirs in “Lux Aeterna” also sounded spacious and open.

I used Dead Can Dance’s “Into the Labyrinth” for the mid-range test. Lisa Gerrards voice can be overwhelming at times and there's a chance of it overdriving the system. Not on the loudest of passages did it sound distorted of crushed. Much better than the CD! The percussion was also
fast and precise.

Over all quietness seems to be changing so I'll hold off on that for now. It was dead quiet when we first hooked it up but it has started to develop some high end hiss. That might be the Phono stage though.
Over all I would buy it again. I think that is the true testimonial of any product. If this were AR I would give it 5 stars.

J.A. Michell Gyrodec TT
McCormack Micro Phono Drive
B&K Ref20 Pre Amp
ATI 1505 Amp
Dynaudio 1.8 II, 1.1, & Center Contour
Sony 7700 DVD

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