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A Little Bit about Myself - Jeff Bellin

I currently work in high tech, but I'm a classically trained musician of 34 years (since I was 6), and have performed professionally on and off as a classical performer, on both sides of the stage in musical theatre, and am currently studying jazz at the New England Conservatory. I play the viola, the piano, percussion, I sing, and have conducted classical orchestras, jazz bands, funk bands, and musical theatre. I was an actor with the 25th Anniversary Production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" at the Charles Playhouse in Boston.
My system currently consists of the following:
Turntable - VPI HW-19 jr. w/Moerch UP4 tonearm and Benz Glider LO cartridge.
CD Player - Jolida 601A
Tuner - Sherwood 3000B tube tuner
Amp - Cyrus II w/PSX outboard power supply
Speakers - Magnepan SMGc
Headphones - Stax SR-5
Interconnects - Various, including Audioquest Emerald and Quartz.

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