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My System

It's been a long time since I updated this page, so I'll go thru the changes to both of my systems.
My primary listening system has undergone a few important changes in the last year or so.

Primary System

* VPI TNT Series 4 Turntable with with the new TNT 5 bearing.
  I made this change almost a year ago. I also removed the tri-pulley system. Both changes were for the better, lowering the noise floor and improving resolution across the board.

SME V Tonearm
* Lyra Lydian Beta Phono Cartridge
It's been in my system a little over a year, and I absolutely love this cartridge. I hear the Helikon is even better, but I'm very hesitant to make a change in my system because it sound so good.

Supex STD-722 Moving Coil Booster Transformer
Sonographe SD-22 CD Player by Conrad Johnson
Denon DR-M44HX Cassette Deck
Dynaco FM3 Tuner
Toccata Full Featured Preamp designed by Thorsten Loesch (see DIYZone for details)
DIY 100 WPC Tubed Amplifier
Apogee Duetta II Planar Magnetic Speakers
* New DIY interconnects based an improved version on the Perspicuity interconnects I wrote about about a year and a half ago. (See The DIYZone)
Speaker Cables also made from Cat V networking Cable
DIY Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine (See DIYZone for project)
These seemingly minor changes have made a nice difference in the system, making listening even more enjoyable.

Casual Listening System

* The Ares clone is on the workbench for now, and replacing it is a direct drive Denon DP1250 with a Magnepan Unipivot arm and a Denon DL103R cartridge.
* A PS Audio 5.0 in straight wire mode is actiing as a phono preamp to get the low output Denon up to a level that the Eico can manage.
H.H. Scott Stereomaster 350 AM/FM Tuner
* NAD 5000 CD player replaces the old JVC, and it doesn't suck for a CD player, I guess ;-).
Eico ST-70 Vintage Integrated Amplifier
* Tannoy Mercury M2 bookshelf speakers. These are very impressive mini-monitors, giving you big sound while staying very musical. Just don't expect too much bass out of them.
All wires DIY from Cat 5 networking cables, as in the main system

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